The violet oil helps with equilibrium, being an equal quantity of red and blue, it allows us to keep our feet on the ground (red) and reach up for the heavens (blue)


This divine oil acknowledges our love and gratitude to great leaders.  The colour violet is for transformation.

This oil will help you tap into and access hidden opportunities that you would never have thought possible.

It aligns you with a sacred moment, heartfelt joy or unexpected achievement.

Helps contact with the Angelic Realm.

It helps you to trust your own instincts and higher perceptions.

This is the colour of Divine Spirit.

Use it daily anywhere on the body or as a bath oil.

The oil contains plant, nut, herb and flower oils, crystal energy and sacred geometery.
It is made in a sacred, loving process.
The shelf life is 6 – 8 months once opened. Keep out of direct sunlight.
Use twice a day either by rubbing it anywhere onto the body, or as a bath oil

Weight 0.5 kg