Thursdays 7pm to 8 pm at Ste Foy lès Lyon

Meditation is a precious knowledge, and I am very privileged to share a technique that can help us in every aspect of our lives. The Dhammakaya Temple in Thailand is the source of this mediataion, which can help us to become more balanced, more stable, more discerning, more peaceful and confident in our lives. This meditation can help us to connect with the most precious sacred part of ourselves and to reveal our gifts. In this technique we meditate on
a brilliant, minute point of light situated two fingers above our belly button, and two fingers within, this point of light is our ‘inner compass’ and source of wisdom, harmony and balance.

Giving our attention to this point of light helps us to be grounded, centred and more aware. As our inner light contains the gifts of wisdom, the more we centre our attention there, the more we will have access to our own innate treasures and qualities. This can help us on the true path of the heart. I have noticed that people practicing this way have a luminous, radiant and clear energy field. I am also interested in meditation techniques taught by other Teachers
such as the mindfulness meditation taught by Thich Nhat Hahn and the dynamic meditations of Osho. Welcome to all

*The sessions are guided by Ann-Sabine.