72 Angels of the Kabbalah

Each one of us has three angels who influence and guide our lives from the time of our birth until the time of our death : a guardian angel, a heart angel, and an intellect angel . They help us to develop our potential fully and to flourish in our lives. By calling their names, we expand and augment their energy, allowing our cells to become more luminous and our consciousness to grow and to get more clarity.

Spending time with the angels, is a real blessing and brings more light into our subtle fields, and helps our light body to grow.

During this course you will discover your personal angels, and get to know them better, so that they can become our good friends..

We will draw, paint, sing and dance the names of the angels and work with the precious names. We will discover the qualities and gifts of each angel, and explore creative ways for each person to continue working with their angels after the course.This course is a real gift to yourself for your whole life, as knowledge of the angels that are here to support you, can help in all aspects of your life : from being aligned with your life path to clear thinking and feeling.This work with the 72 angels is particularly close to my heart, and a very beautiful experience.