I Love Color Teaching

Color is the most amazing and beautiful means on the path to self realisation. Understanding how our color choices ‘color’ or mirror our present circumstances can bring us tremendous insight. I LOVE COLOR courses will nourish your senses, emotions and intellect and develop your creativity and imagination. Using color,art and the tree of life as a base: four courses offer a very complete initiation into the world of color, offering you a more “colorful” life. The courses can be done consecutively, which allows “building” on the previous level, and for a beautiful ‘alignement’ to happen, but can also be done as you feel attracted.


GARNET -The Roots of the Tree

Starting  with the seed and roots of our tree we will begin our foundation journey with the red “The Great Energiser”, learning about the significance of the rainbow colors, the chakras and the human aura, and how the colors can help you.You will physically touch and smell and enjoy the colors. Using clay and paint you will explore your own roots (biological,geographical and spiritual) in a very healing and playful way. For stability and grounding this level will bring you and your talents to earth in a new way inspiring  new passion and energy.


GOLD – The Trunk of the Tree

Building on firm roots we will strengthen the trunk of our tree and increase our sense of identity, our sense of self, so like a great artist in front of the canvas you can become the creator of your own life. Like the golden disc of the sun,you may shine your light in the world. Looking at the enneagram as a tool for greater self consciousness and realisation,you can strengthen your own innate qualities. Creative art excercises will help you to integrate the color teaching.


INDIGO – The Branches of the Tree

Connecting up to the sky , branching out, reaching up, accessing our spirituality, is all to do with this third level. Finding our peace and developing and deepening our meditation skills ,will be explored.This level is about soul development, finding inspiration and vision through deep inner peace. Using color we will explore the  qualities of our gardian angel. This level is about elevation and developing a more spiritual and inspired vision of life.


PLATINIUM – The Fruits of the Tree

This higher level introduces more subtle aspects of color and life. When the tree is fully developed and mature it can bear fruit. Here we will receive the gift of meeting the archangels, and their guidance for ourself and for humanity. This level is to do with what we can give back to the community, what we have come to offer. We will focus on nourishing with creative art projects, the fruit on your tree.