Archangels are beings of Light who are very powerful and filled with love, who wish to help humanity move forward to higher levels of consciousness.

We will bathe in the rainbow of colourful energy of this big group of Archangels, calling them to elevate our vibration through their presence. When we call them, the response is immediate,they are with us, filled with goodwill and healing.

We will begin with the first archangel, the strongest, Michael, who is like God. Michael is recognised in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Then we will invoke Gabriel, the celestial messenger who is also venerated in the three great monotheistic religions. We will then get to know Raphael, the healer and protector of travellers, then Uriel, considered as the Fire of God.

The qualities and powers of many Archangels will be explained and experienced,

The course will support a deep healing work on yourself with the Archangel that calls to you the most.

We have the support of colour that help this work of connection efficiently and with great beauty. The Archangels bring together communities and groups. They bring to humanity a clearer vision of the Grand Plan for our lives.

This three day course is a big angelic boost of energy to help you on your way!